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Secret Pal Seven

SP7 - 2006
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the LJ community for Secret Pal 7 knitters!
The official Secret Pal 7 blog is up and running, signups are go, get your thinking caps on for that questionnaire! (The blog is syndicated to LJ as secretpal7 too.)

Watch this space for tips on giving gifts, international posting, and write-ups of all the goodies received!

SP7 is a great way to spread the joys of knitting (and crochet!) as well as to extend the boundaries of yarn loving friendship. No need to spam up other communities with questions, this is the place to ask.

.Posting Rules.

If you wish to post an image please put it behind an lj-cut. This makes everyone's friends page nicer and quicker, and keeps an element of surprise.

Please do not spam the community (very naughty thing to do). Make sure everything is on topic and be nice to the other members (we want to be friends, remember?) = no flaming!


Please remember that SP7 only works when your identity is kept secret. Therefore be conscious about what you post and what information you give out. Watch out, maybe your receiver is a member here!

.Important Links.
  • Knit Pixie's Anonymous $10 Gift Certificate

    .Postal Guidelines.
  • US Postal Guidelines
  • South Africa Postal Guidelines
  • Finland Postal Guidelines
  • UK Postal Guidelines
  • Canada Postal Guidelines
  • New Zealand Postal Guidelines

    At this time, we're open for co-mods and anyone who feels like designing icons or layout - volunteers by email, please!